Students need to make sure their work is done and their grades are passing to participate in sports.

​Elementary Athletics Guidelines

Student Participation

In order for students to participate in Athletics; health insurance is required and must complete the AB 25 Concussion Requirement form.


Not fielding a team, please email  Be sure to contact your League Commissioner as well, so your school may be removed from the schedule.  Please confirm date and time of each game each week.  Winning team must report scores to their league commissioners.


Scheduling Transportation is no longer automatic.  If you need, please contact Transportation at 457-3138.  Due to early release, during the week, games are to be played on Friday’s.  If you need to have a weekday game, attempt to use private auto.  Should you use a bus during the week, please keep in mind due to early release, your school risk being picked up/dropped off late.  A coach/administrator must accompany students on the bus.

Verification Voucher

Please have coach verify, after each game, if an official was present or not.  At the end of each season, send voucher to Tina/Athletics.  Vouchers are needed for billing purposes (not utilized for Cross Country & Track).


Officials are provided and paid for by K-12 Athletics Department.  However, due to staffing, there might not be enough officials for every game.  So please have in place a back up person to officiate the game.  Should you need to cancel a game, contact the official’s organization at 905-3018 or 299-2690 by 10am of that date, Failure to do so will result in a charge.  Also email for billing purposes.   If you did not cancel an official prior to deadline, and an official shows up, he is entitled to pay.  Therefore, another official will not be assigned to your make-up game.

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