TL Heaton
TL Heaton

This school is now located at 1533 N. San Pablo in its most recent building.

The site was purchased in 1920 and the first structure was put up in 1925-26. This was what was known as the “east wing” of the old building. The north wing was constructed in 1927-28 and the west wing in 1928-29. This  building was funded through the 1925 bond issue. It was a brick and concrete slab structure.

Front entrance of Heaton facing McKinley
Rear of the school and the bathrooms prior to demolition

​(Photos from Field Act Report of Buildings Constructed Prior to April 1933 (September 1965)

The present single-story structure with “pod” classrooms was required because the older two-story structure building was considered “unsafe” in case of a severe earthquake.
For many years the Heaton School served as a demonstration and teacher training facility for the California State University, Fresno. This was a cooperative venture between the University and the Fresno schools with staff jointly employed by both entities.

The site was named for T.L. Heaton, who was the first teacher and principal at Fresno High School and the first Superintendent of Fresno Schools, serving as Superintendent from 1889 to 1896. He left Fresno to join the faculty of the University of California School of Education and later became the Assistant Superintendent in San Francisco City Schools.

Heaton planned the building and supervised the construction of the Fresno High School plant located for many years on “0” Street between Tuolumne and Stanislaus Streets. Later this building was long known as Fresno Technical High School and at one time also housed both the original Fresno Junior College and Fresno State Normal School. Heaton died in 1919 in San Francisco.

Old 1948 picture
Picture taken in 1948
Heaton fifth grade class picture
1934 class student names
Old 1930 heaton class picture
1930 class student names
Old heaton classroom
1931 student names
Maxine Dunlop on the left
Class of 1940 book
1936 class picture
1937 class picture
1939 class picture
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